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How to Make Your House Chic

Whether you’re someone who just bought your first house, or someone who’s grown tired of their previous layout and wants to redo it, you’ve come to the right place. When decorating a house, the biggest mistake we all tend to make is to try to fit everything we like in our homes. Instead, what’s important is; is to only keep a number of things displayed that go along with the rest of your interior design. Follow these steps and make your house chic in every angle possible.

Select a Theme

When redesigning your house’s interior, first make a mental vision of how you actually want it to turn out. Do you want a Minimalist theme with everything simplified? Or maybe a Bohemian theme with everything around cozy and natural. The theme you pick is going to be the main key factor in deciding everything else you’re going to add; for example, your coffee table, your wall paint, your couch design– everything would be according to the selected theme.

Throw in a Splash of Color

Whether you’re going with a Minimalist theme, a Bohemian theme, or a multicolored theme— you’ll need to throw in some color to make everything perfect. Usually moving with a palette of similarly toned colors, you often need one contrasting color to balance everything out nicely. For example, moving with a Minimalist theme, most of your colors can be around white, black, brown, and beige. You can throw in some mustard color at places to perfect it. These places can be opaque vases on dining tables, the TV wall in the living room, or some flower arrangements placed in different rooms. Also, get different shades of colors for your cabinets, and use the help of experts on kitchen cabinets in Austin, or Dallas, to give you advice about the colors, materials, and forms of cabinets that would fit the theme that you want to have for your entire home.

Add Some Living Greens

Plants bring the freshest and liveliest aura to your house– and not only when placed outside. Most chic houses have some forms of indoor plants placed in corners of different rooms to make them appear more alive. Often people make the mistake of buying seasonal plants but the problems with those are they are difficult to maintain once their preferred season is over. Similarly, outdoor plants can be inconvenient due to their maintenance, hence before purchasing, make sure you are buying plants that are specifically marked indoors. Moreover, opt for living plants instead of plastic ones. Even though the latter require minimum maintenance, the plastic ones can be identified as fake easily. You can easily get these plants at any local nursery. You can even get cute and trendy plastic plant pots online to showcase your plants in.


We all love recycling old things, but when you’re redesigning your house interior, don’t hold back letting go of everything that doesn’t fit. If you’ve chosen a specific theme and there is no makeover that can recycle your old furniture into fitting the new design, it’s better to go for a new piece of furniture. This doesn’t limit to only the big things like couches and coffee tables, but also the smaller items like flower arrangements, paintings, and even pencil holders.

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