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Top 5 kitchen must-haves

Whether you are a culinary expert or an amateur home cook, the kitchen is an essential part of your life. People spend more time making food than eating it. Having the right culinary tools helps make sure meal-prep time is efficient and less frustrating.

With a large variety of tools in all shapes and sizes available on the market, it can b a bit tough to determine what tools are the best for you. A kitchen tool is generally considered good based on its lifespan, how multipurpose it can be, and how less it affects the life of another tool you have.

That being said, here is a list of the most multipurpose kitchen tools available on the market for your kitchen:

Potato Slicer

While it is marketed as a potato slicer, it can be used for virtually anything, from carrots to bananas. There are many different types of potato slicers ranging in ease of use and efficiency. One of the most common types is a mandolin. A mandolin is a flat slicer that you rub your vegetable of choice on to get an even slice.

Another popular type of slicer is a hand-held food processor. Just select the appropriate blade for the thickness and shape of your choice, put the vegetable in, and spin. This requires minimal effort and ends up with a quick and clean cut.


Without a proper knife, cooking will seem a chore to you. Investing in a good knife is one of the first things you should do on your road to being a talented individual in culinary. There are many different knives available at different price points on the market.

A brief chat with the salesperson will help you find the best fit for you in terms of both usability and price. You can even get the entire set that comes in a wooden block but you only need 3 types of knives: the normal chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. 

Another accessory you could get to increase the lifespan of your knives is a knife sharpener. These are an absolute necessity and come to use when you are in a pinch. Investing in a good quality knife sharpener means your knives will last you 10 times their original lifespan.


Of course, there is no kitchen without cooking utensils. Silicon utensils are considered the best tools as compared to wooden and steel ones since they cause less damage to your pots and pans. They tend to be softer and more flexible. Some of the basic tools include a spatula, a ladle, a whisk, a rolling pin, a meat mallet, a slotted spoon, and a few more. You can buy the entire set along with a matching holder.


Whether you have 4 tools in your kitchen or way more than you need, there are some tools you absolutely cannot live without. Hopefully, this list helps you draft a list of necessary supplies for your next shopping trip!

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