How to Get the Engagement Ring You Always Wanted: The Bridal Guide

Finding the one person with whom we’d be happy to spend the rest of our lives is difficult. When we do find someone like that, not only is it a key point of our life, but also a jubilant occasion worthy of celebration.

When a couple gets married or gets engaged, it’s a way to remember and honor their history and special bond. The road from engagement to the wedding is paved with many steps.

The pressure to choose the perfect engagement ring is real. This investment of yours is under a lot of stress. It shows you are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

An engagement ring is something you cherish for a long time and hence requires a lot of planning and time.  So many couples can feel overwhelmed by the countless styles of gorgeous engagement rings.

It is likely that many would shop for an engagement ring for the first time. Jewelry store visitors may be bewildered by new words and concepts. You may hear phrases like, ‘Inclusions?’ ‘Infinity bracelet?’

In all honesty, here’s how to obtain the ring of your dreams. Following these tips, you can choose an engagement ring that will shine brightly from the first day of your life together until the very last.

Motivations for Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Why is diamond engagement rings the most popular? Why are diamond engagement rings the standard when gold, platinum, and colorful stones are options?

There hasn’t been much change to diamonds in thousands of years. They represent everlasting love and are widely recognized as a sign of it. That’s why diamond engagement rings signify so much more. People are buying more diamond jewelry with the rise of lab-grown diamonds.  Why? Because for a very long time, mined diamonds were considered the only reputable diamond jewellery source. Not only that, natural diamonds always had a longer production time and a hefty price tag. But lab grown diamond technology has let clients receive equivalent-quality diamonds at a lesser cost and in less time. Let’s investigate the reasons why diamond engagement rings are so popular.

  • On average, over 130 million carats worth of a diamond is refined each year. 20 million carats are polished into jewelry-grade diamonds. Rare diamonds signify eternal love and fidelity, making them an intelligent wholesale investment.
  • Both people in a partnership should exemplify the diamond’s attributes of love and dedication.
  • Women and men alike are increasingly choosing lab-grown diamond engagement rings as a symbol of purity and devotion. It is an undisputed fact that diamonds have been considered invaluable and hence make the perfect engagement ring you gift your partner. Their worth per unit of weight is unmatched. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of stunning lab-created diamond engagement rings available.
  • To begin, diamonds are a fantastic financial asset. Due to rising demand, diamond prices have risen through the past few years. Since they are not considered assets, engagement rings given as gifts are not subject to taxation.
  • Engagement rings can be found in various quality and price points. Lab-grown diamonds come in a broad price range, so you can always discover the appropriate expression of devotion for your partner. Meaning those who can only afford a small diamond ring for their fiancée may still express their love. Those having more funds may purchase a costly, exquisite solitaire ring for their fiancée.

Tips for Purchasing an Engagement Ring

  1. Plan the Finances

Several jewelry pricing guides list “excellent” engagement rings as pricey. Many counsellors suggest spending two- or three months’ income on an engagement ring.

But most “rules” about engagement ring pricing are tricks from diamond marketers and dealers. You and your fiancé should build a budget by analyzing your finances and aspirations.

Cost related to wedding jewelry and relevant wedding bills aren’t small. Feeling stressed and worried is normal when deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring.

But one can get their dream ring setting at an affordable price with lab-grown diamonds. Many people agree that the most common and traditional way to set a ring is with a lab-grown solitaire. Also, a brilliant round diamond placed in any kind of engagement ring setting will last a lifetime.

Lab-grown diamonds also tend to be a goal of the Gen Z couple who feel they have to be socially responsible, ecologically friendly, and purchase ethically mined diamonds.  Furthermore there are a multitude of options of engagement rings with lab grown diamonds.  

With amazing options of lab grown diamond engagement rings, many couples find that they are the focus of everyone’s attention. When you have a financial plan for your ring, the wedding experience won’t overwhelm you.

  1. Learning the Fundamentals of Diamonds Is Essential

Knowing the “four C’s” (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) of diamonds is crucial for buying wisely. Each diamond has the potential to be uniquely stunning.

  • Cut

If you want a diamond with maximum brightness and fire, your best bet is to stick to Excellent or Ideal diamond cuts. The cut of a diamond is the most critical factor in determining its attractiveness.

  • Color

Use a diamond grading between G and I for the purest white appearance. The diamond will seem exactly as colorless to the human eye as a D-F range diamond but will cost a fraction of the price.

  • Clarity

The highest value for what can be seen by the human eye is often found in diamonds graded VS1 or VS2. These grades are unaffected by inclusions and flaws.

  • Carat

Spend more time evaluating the diamond’s cut than its carat weight to get the most value for your cash. After you have figured out how well you did on the other three C’s, look for the biggest carat you can afford.

  1. Sorting Through the Metals

Since an engagement ring’s metal is so essential to its longevity and appearance, it might be challenging to pick.

 For instance-

  • Platinum is both the most costly and one of the most desired metals for engagement rings. Platinum is more expensive than gold because it is more scarce and more difficult to refine.
  • White gold is a cheaper alternative to platinum for those who want a highly reflective ring.
  • For engagement rings and jewelry in general, yellow gold has stood the test of time.
  • When compared to silver and gold, rose gold is a refreshingly attractive option. Rose gold is an excellent metal choice for an engagement ring if you want something a little different or if you just really like the color.

The ring will probably be worn daily, so it should be sturdy yet attractive. Consider your prospective spouse’s work and interests when picking an engagement ring setting. The metal of 3-carat diamond ring should be sturdy enough to survive everyday wear and tear without bending or tarnishing.

Remember that a metal’s price grows as its purity increases, so if you are on a budget, avoid buying pricey metals.

But, because of their availability, lab-created diamond rings will not cost you as much as natural ones. 

  1. Set Up an Appointment

Choosing an engagement ring for your significant other is a very personal gesture, but it can also be difficult, which is why it helps to have a second opinion. To see a variety of options, it’s best to see a skilled jeweler in person.

Your planned visit includes expert guidance on the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat). They will sit down with you to discuss your requirements and preferences, such as bespoke or stock designs.

Do you want to redesign an already existing ring? When choosing an engagement ring, many people don’t reach their full inventive potential. But, with the help of a professional, one can get the ring of their dreams.

  1. Just Come Out and Tell Them the Truth

You should inform your partner immediately if you desire a particular engagement ring.

An engagement ring is a significant investment since it is a piece of jewelry that will be worn for a long time. Explaining your preferences, both positive and negative, openly is encouraged.

The subtle hints about an engagement ring and wedding magazines around the house may not always work. Schedule some time to discuss your shared goals. By doing so, the selection procedure will be quick and easy.

  1. Serve up Some Visuals

Your companion may benefit from having a few images to look at while out shopping. Send photos of your celebrity’s engagement ring, your favorite designer’s Instagram, or the item’s URL.

  1. Using a Friend or Family Member’s Assistance

Trying to find the right ring could be a challenge for men. A trustworthy relative or acquaintance may help decrease their uncertainty.

The groom-to-be should inform them of his budget and their partner’s ring preferences. After that, they will assist the groom in picking. Advising a sibling, parent, or close friend will make picking out a sparkler a breeze.

  1. Use Imagination When Dropping Clues

As a bride, you may feel uneasy or shy about describing your perfect engagement ring. If you like subtle cues, there are various ways to let your partner know.

Tell the partner why you adore a particular engagement ring, whether you have seen them being worn by a famous personality or a friend. Feel free to mention your preferred engagement ring shape, size, or color.

For instance, if you love Blake Lively’s oval ring, explain your taste for an offbeat engagement ring to your partner. Remember that your lover wants to surprise you with a ring you will adore, so trust them.

  1. Plan It Out Together

Buying an engagement ring may have left you a little confused and wondering whether or when you will learn the ropes. Do it with your partner and save some time and money.

Couples often work together to create the perfect engagement ring. If you clearly know the kind of jewelry you want to wear, you should have a say in the design process. The two of you will appreciate the ring you make together. 


The act of purchasing an engagement ring should not be fraught with anxiety. Following the aforementioned guidelines above may help you avoid engagement ring blunders and confusion.  After all, getting engaged is a very special moment of your life; so trying to get a ring that would bear testimony to the values you hold dear, or the memories you create is indeed beautiful.  Hope this guide helps you on your journey to finding your perfect engagement ring and how you can get it!

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