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Ways to Make Your Jewelry Displays More Enticing

When compared to other forms of retail displays, jewelry display may be finicky to keep upright. One reason for this is the little and intricate nature of the goods on offer. This makes it harder to attract the attention of a passing customer. The longer it takes to really appreciate something, the more important it becomes to take your time with it.

In certain cases, less is more.

Jewelers often fret that window shoppers may reject the items they have on display. Due of this, it’s common to want to showcase as many items as possible in a shop’s window. However, it might speak much more if you have the self-assurance to exhibit just a select few things.

This is due in part to the fact that having fewer things on display helps to keep customers’ attention on the ones that are there, rather than letting it wander. It’s unlikely, however, that you’d merely show off a single item in your showcase. However, this does imply that if you choose pieces from a variety of your range’s styles, more people will stop to look at the finer points of your work.

Split Up the Jewelry

While it may be tempting to categorise jewellery based on size or hue, quality and design are typically more useful criteria. Vintage items, for instance, should be shown off separately from the more contemporary ones.

Moreover, you may want to think about using a variety of jewellery display types at various price points. Some types may benefit more from exhibition cases made of clear glass than others, while others may look better on plain-colored busts. Display busts made of unfinished wood may be most at home with colourful merchandise.

Making minor adjustments to a window display may also increase its visibility. You may draw attention to your sales without drawing focus away from the jewellery by, for instance, using black price cubes for regular pricing and tiny red and white price cubes for discounted products.

Get Going!

This piece of advice has two halves. The first aspect is that displays get stale if they aren’t updated often. In addition to rearranging your jewellery, you should also consider subtly altering the items around it.

Sadly, it doesn’t take long for people to become desensitised to their surroundings. Regular customers will stop paying attention to you if your displays don’t change much from week to week. You can easily alter this by adding a little splash of colour to the top corners of your cabinets with a few of imitation Gerberas or windows with vinyl decals to gently include a spring motif.

A Cost Increase

Earlier I mentioned Fossil, whose sales grew by 9 percent when they began using our price cubes.

Jewelers often avoid providing prices for their wares out of worry that potential buyers may be turned off by the total. When jewellers don’t include a price tag, however, their consumers may use their ideas anyway they choose. If a consumer feels self-conscious about not being able to afford an item, they may be hesitant to bring it up in conversation. Jewelry stores may create customer expectations by providing transparent pricing.

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