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Why Cloakroom Suites are the New Must-Have for Homes

All you need to do to understand why cloakroom suites are the new must-have for homes is to look at any recent photos of the rooms in the houses featured in magazines or online. Whether it’s a classic home featured in the pages of Country Homes & Interiors, or the modern abode shown off by Intern, there’s one common thread running through all of them – they all have cloakroom suites.

What is a cloakroom suite?

A cloakroom suite is a room in your home that functions as a small bathroom. The real estate market has long been aware of how much value they add to homes, and homeowners now understand how convenient they can be. They’re especially popular in growing families or among those who have outgrown their traditional bathroom setup but don’t want to invest in another major remodel. In fact, it has become so popular, many homeowners won’t even entertain a house without one.

Here’s why By providing a private space within your main living area, you get more bang for your buck for designing an attractive and functional space. And with enough creative thinking, you can actually create a beautiful space that feels more like an extension of your bedroom than an afterthought in an unused corner of your basement. Some people prefer them because they make potty training easier; others just love having all their toiletries close at hand.

How does it compare to a bathroom?

A cloakroom suite is not just a smaller version of a bathroom; instead, it can offer you more storage and functionality than your current bathroom. Plus, since it’s used less frequently than your main bathroom, you don’t have to worry about maintaining as many fixtures as you would in a full bathroom. With easy maintenance and affordable price tags, cloakrooms can be an excellent way to maximize comfort within your home. What kinds of people will benefit from having one?

Since they are near bedrooms or entryways, cloakrooms are perfect for homes with small children who may need a safe place to keep their toys or change their clothes. They also make great additions to guest bathrooms. Where they can help provide extra space without taking up too much room in your main bathroom.

Creative ways to furnish it

There’s no two ways about it—you’re going to be limited in terms of room choices. With such a small space, you won’t be able to fit too many pieces of furniture and will probably have just one piece or area that takes up most of your living space. Try adding shelving and storage options to help you save space and keep things neat, or invest in some art and decor that gives your small space personality. If you want to go all out, add some mirrors to make it look bigger than it is!

The possibilities are endless for finding creative ways to furnish your cloakroom suite. You can use chairs, benches, stools and even sofas to bring function into your tiny little space.
Since cloakrooms get dirty pretty quickly (shoes off at every entry!), we recommend looking for materials that can withstand high-traffic areas like hardwood floors or porcelain tiles.

Benefits of having one over a bathroom

A cloakroom suite is an amazing replacement for a small bathroom. The major benefit is you will never have to share a restroom again! Another perk of having one is you don’t need to go upstairs if you’re in your master bedroom. You can use it as a space to put on makeup, get dressed, or take off your shoes and clothes after returning from a jog. Some homes may need new flooring installed since most cloakrooms don’t have toilets. However, many homeowners find they like their cloakroom suites so much that they convert them into bathrooms. It’s really up to you how you want to use your extra room.

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