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Rooting your Android is becoming more and more widespread for experienced Android users. This is partly due to some special services they get when they root their phone properly. Many benefits come from successfully using the right root tools for the process. provides complete control over your smartphone or tablet and helps you boost your phone’s speed and battery life. These apps let you access important files and block ads. So here is the top best Android Tool Root APK like OneclickRoot, Root Genius, Dr.Fone-Root, KingoRoot, etc… 

Tool Root APK software

Tool Root APK is a mobile application that allows users to root their smartphones quickly and easily without endangering the health and integrity of the phone. This app is not available on the Google Play Store. However, download tool root APK free and enjoy the amazing third-party application on your PC. These alternatives are almost the same in usual functions with only the slightest difference. This is why they act as the best alternatives to each other. You must provide this awesome rooting application. It is the simplest form of rooting tool and also the most effective tool for the rooting process. You can reserve a root whenever you want.

Root Genius APK

Root Genius is the smart, fastest, and most useful root software for all Android phones and tablets. and a complicated wired connection, you can download the Root Genius app free and enjoy a whole new level of experience on your Android. The Root Genius APk version is a little simpler than the PC version. You just need one click to download and install this app on your Android device. The tool works in a very stable framework and guarantees the complete installation of Superuser. Root Genius APK 2.2.89 is the latest version of this software and you can easily download it without your PC. Download Root Genius is completely free of charge and enjoys a whole new level of experience on your Android. This application does not harm your system in any way. The tool works in a very stable frame and guarantees the complete installation of Superuser and supports 100,000+ android devices.

Download Android Root for PC

You can root your device with or without a PC depending on your convenience and what the device supports. With the help of PC root software, you can root your Android device easily, quickly, and directly. You will have an unforgettable user experience, thanks to its flexibility. These PC root tools will allow you to improve device performance, increase battery life, uninstall pre-installed apps, and access important files.

How to root your Android phone with a PC using Root Genius

  • Start by downloading and installing Root Genius for your Windows PC. 
  • Next, run Root Genius as administrator and connect your smartphone via USB cable. 
  • Enable USB debugging mode in settings. 
  • Click the “Root” button to start the rooting process. 
  • It will complete in 2, 3 minutes, then click the “Finish” button. 
  • To check whether your device is rooted or not, download a root checker app from the play store.

Download Tool Root APK free software 

Root APK mobile is very popular and demanding among all root tools with its quick and fast results. You can easily download the root tool app without installing it on your PC. You can easily access the Root APK from the free download tool as it works on mobile devices without any cable or PC involvement. Compatible with Root Genius and supports Android devices running  Android 2.2 and Android 4.3. Root Genius APK’s latest version is V2.2.89. But the latest version of Root Genius APK is still available in Chinese. So if you are unfamiliar with this you can use an older version. 

How to root your Android phone without a PC Using Root Genius

Before starting this process, you need to create a full backup of your important data. Then change the settings on unknown sources and enable them. Charge your smartphone up to 100% and follow the steps below. 

  •  Free download and install the latest version of the Root Genius app. 
  •  Tap  the Root Genius app icon and launch 
  •  When the app opens, you can tap  the green button in the bottom row of the 
  •  interface  Click the Root button and it will appear as a circle in the center of the  
  •  user interface The process will take approximately 5 minutes. 

Unlike many other rooting tools, Root Genius does not require the device to be connected to WiFi.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Root Tool APK

Tool Root APK is completely free software that supports more than 10,000 mobile devices. It is also available in many languages. This application comes with mobile and PC versions. It is very simple because it works with just one click. It supports full backup including app backup. 

On the other hand, The unrooting function is missing and some features are missing because it is available in the free version. It does not support the latest versions of Android. 

Important facts for Tool Root APK Users

Users  Make sure to follow the process with the right root application where we recommend Free Root Genius Download. And always start with a full backup of all data, because rooting could put your existing content at risk while processing. So proceed with caution. 

Another important thing about rooting is having proper preparation. There is a PC version of Root Genius for those who disagree with its APK method. But keep in  mind that both methods are perfect and the only difference is whether to go through a Windows computer or not 

When you need to root your device, you just need to relaunch the  Root Genius UI and press on  Unroot option

Final Note

If you are still keen on rooting, it is up to you. Although rooting Android used to be tricky, it’s no longer thanks to utilities like Tool Root APK. Aside from those who want more incredible deals for their beloved smartphone, rooting can be worthwhile when you’re looking for the desire to expand its performance as you age. By the way, the latest version of the Root Genius apk contains fixes and improvements to bring you amazing familiarity. The app can be downloaded for free just by browsing the phone without a computer.

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