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Meetup With Inspirational Personalities Who Earn Millions

Traditional market patterns have changed since the internet, and the digital revolution transformed the world. One of the most lucrative industries in the world is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing took some time to catch on in Pakistan, Asif jatt but it is now widely used on various social media sites. It has replaced other forms of advertising as the primary means of promoting all kinds of products. As we have seen, many influencers promote their brand on social media to get more followers and get more money. But here we will put the eye on the famous social media influencer whose videos are not promoting any brand but also promoting helping humanity.

Yes, we will talk about Asif Jatt, a famous social media influencer. His thorough life was devoted to helping people and providing them with informative material. His mostly videos with such personalities may motivate their followers. That is why his followers are increasing daily, as we will talk about his most recommended video for youngsters. Who is jobless but wants to work? But they need to learn how to earn one or more lakhs monthly. His one video is like that. He meets a boy named Rashid, who earns from Whatsapp. Whatsapp, yes, it is right. We need help to think about how we can earn from Whatsapp. We can earn from youtube and Facebook, but how can we earn from Whatsapp? This video is why it goes to the top searches in google.

Earning method:

In this video, he meets a boy who earns one lakh per month by watching movies. In listening, it may be like a funny joke, but it’s not a part of a joke. Because this man also tells the story of their achievement and tells their viewers how they can earn like that. Asif jatt asked how to get this idea of earning. Kindly tell our viewers. Then he says that he likes to watch movies. He was jobless. In his free time, he spends time watching movies. Once he got an idea of earning from movies. He made a WhatsApp group and added their friends and colleagues.

 After That, he downloads a high-resolution movie and uploads it to that group. Rashid said he just charged each member of this group just 100 rs per month. He said he made four WhatsApp groups and now has 1000 members. For every member, he charges 100 every month. That is, he earns one lakh per month. He said that he starts this with just 4 to 5 thousand investment. Moreover, now he is able to earn one lakh.

Asif jatt asked how many movies you uploaded in a month in these groups. Then Rashid said he had one thousand movies he uploaded in a month. For one person, it is just a small amount. In just one hundred, he can watch 1000 movies. It is not a big investment. Asif asked him if those movies that you uploaded were new. He said, obviously, these movies are newly coming into the market. He gets a paid subscription from somewhere.

They download new movies and then upload them in a group. It’s a small idea, but it is working. From just four thousand, he just started the best resource of earning from their house and just in their chilling time. Asif jatt, this earning video really likes young and jobless boys and girls. They got a new type of idea of earning as we all use WhatsApp throughout the day for just chit-chat. But it’s an earning platform. I hope everyone wants to watch this video. I have this link on WhatsApp earning you a chance to watch it.

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