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Previously, skateboards were not divided into types. This is because at that time, skateboards meant four wheels attached to a flat deck. But as time progressed, the need for skateboard variations arrived.

When one looks to buy skateboards wholesale online, they can see that in general – 2 major kinds of skateboards are available. One is a custom skateboard and the other is a pre-assembled one. In both categories, one can get high-quality skateboards.

Major types of skateboards

There are 2 major types:

Complete skateboards

When it comes to complete skateboards there are various names for this type. One can call them pre- built or pre- assembled skateboards as well. This means, it is a skateboard which is assembled totally by the manufacturers. Many skateboarders opt for this type and so it is quite a popular variety.

The complete skateboards also cost less than the custom skateboards as skates need to buy many parts of the skateboard in the latter case. Here, the skaters do not need to spend energy and time in order to build their own skateboards. To make the skateboard work well the skaters just need to have enough knowledge.

The good quality complete skateboards are made by high skilled designers and so one can get guarantee about the quality. The parts of the skateboards like the wheels, trucks and bearings are also made from high-level materials. There are variations which can be good for pro skaters and those who love to do street skating. The wheels are also made in such a way that they can easily skate through the rough surfaces. If one wants, they can also look for a variation which is anti-slipping and anti-water. Here, the trucks are made of aluminium which makes the skateboard durable. Many skateboarders opt for this type and so it is quite a popular variety.

Custom skateboards

When it comes to custom skateboards, the experienced skaters have the tendency to buy them because they love making their own skateboards. This means, one will buy each part of a skateboard and then assemble it on their own. But in order to do this, one must have enough knowledge and of course a few years of experience so that they can customise it.

Now, once one finds out the skateboard types, the next thing they want to know is how much can a decent skateboard cost. Well, it can vary from one variety to another. But of course a good quality skateboard costs high. If one wants to go for custom ones then they need to buy the hardware (which contains lock nuts and bolts), the deck (preferably made of plywood), the wheels (one must check the shape, size and formula) and the truck separately. This can be a bit expensive.

When one is looking to buy skateboards wholesale price, then they can choose from the best skateboard decks which are available. There are bamboo graphic decks which are flexible and light. Then warning skateboard decks available in which one can perform advanced tricks. One can choose from these as well.

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