Hire A Reliable Study Abroad Consultant To Get Admission To A Foreign University

After completing school, students start developing fresh ambitions for their future. Many questions in students’ minds make them nervous: what course should they select?

Where to study undergraduate programs? Is it good to go abroad? Which college should you choose? If you need to end your confusion, you can hire an abroad consultancy in Navi Mumbai.

Complete the application process smoothly

Freshers find it difficult to complete the entire university application process themselves. With their skill and experience in the industry, the professionals guide students through the whole process, from the application form, document collection, and visa and accommodation procedures. It will allow you to stay away from the tension and focus on other activities.

Nevertheless, some students struggle with writing the SOP or completing the visa process when attempting to complete the university application. Hiring an abroad study consultant will finish the process on time. Remember, the process requires incredible patience and effective decision skills. Recent reports show more than fifty percent of students use education consultants.

 Consultants like Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd help candidates select a course that matches their skill set and career goals. Their advice can help you choose a university that offers a globally recognized certification. Make your study abroad dreams come true by partnering with a trusted agency.

What exams you should take to study abroad 

If you like to learn more about abroad study consultants, you can attend an important international entrance exam. University selects the candidate after checking the language exam and other documents. You can fulfill your dream of studying abroad with these language exams such as SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, UCAT, and GRE, and learn more about The Jamboree has experienced professionals to offer the most excellent coaching to students. 

Students can prepare for exams effectively from their home’s comfort through the online live class and mock tests. They conduct a mock test that helps candidates find their strengths and weaknesses. The faculty member put more attention on weaker topics and practiced there for language tests. It aids the student in scoring good marks in the examination. 

The following exams would help you achieve your dream of studying abroad:


Scholastic Assessment Test refers to the college admission examination. It estimates the student’s verbal, written, and maths knowledge. Those who are applying for the UG program abroad should attend the SAT. Many universities worldwide consider a score SAT before allocating a seat. 


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and is one of the language exams. Non-native speakers who are going to English-speaking countries to work or study should take IELTS. More than nine thousand companies globally, such as governments, colleges, and employers, accept this exam. IELTS examinations can be classified into two types such as general and academic.


It refers to the Test of English as a Foreign Language. It confirms that the candidate has English skills so that they can survey in the country. English language skill is essential to attain academic success. Over eight thousand universities and companies in hundred-thirty countries agree on the TOEFL exam score. But it is only valid for two years after the result declaration. 


Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the best entrance examination. It is developed for students who desire to apply for business management or MBA course in a foreign university. It is valid for academic performance in the modern graduate administration classroom. In addition, the candidate requires essential skills for the management program, such as analytical writing, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and much more. The Graduate Management Admission Test is currently used as selection criteria by over thousand-five hundred colleges in several countries. The candidate needs to score at least 700 to get admission to the top foreign business school. 

The abroad consultancy in Navi Mumbai guides you in the application process and provides you with coaching on the entrance exam. You can prepare well for the language exam and score a good mark. It will help you get admission to a foreign university and take your career to the next stage. Besides, the consultant offers the best solution to the student for any admission-related issues. 

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