What makes Kashmir’s Great Lakes Trek the best?


Kashmir is known across the world for its incredible natural beauty, snow-capped peaks, gorgeous rivers, and rich culture. The term Kashmir, according to legend, means “desiccated region” (Ka: water and Sameera: desiccate). There are several tourist attractions in Kashmir that provide a broad variety of activities and sites for sightseeing, from the winter wonderland of Gulmarg to the gorgeous meadows of Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Chandanwari, Aru, and Betab valley.Kashmir is home to the Dal Lake, Tulian Lake, Chenab River, Jhelum River, and other beautiful lakes and rivers. Kashmir is a wonderful playground for adventurers, with its enormous mountains and glaciers.Every year, it draws hikers, mountaineers, skiers, and snowboarders in addition to typical visitors.


The Fantastic Lakes trip is one of the most picturesque of Kashmir’s many great hiking paths. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek (KGL Trek) is recognised for its beautiful meadows, unrivalled views of Mt. Harmukh, and a variety of other attractions. and more than 12 alpine lakes lying at the base of several mountains. It is located in the Sonamarg area. In this article, we’ve highlighted seven reasons why the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek should be on everyone’s bucket list.

 Sunrise views from the Tabletop of Shekhar Campground.

The Shekdar campsite is the first stop on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek (also known as Tabletop). It is a big meadow with flat meadows that is flanked by woodland and mountainsThe Sonamarg valley can be seen from this vantage point. The sunrises are beautiful from this vantage point. There is also a shepherd’s cabin here where you can obtain Tea, Kahva, and Maggie snacks

The ever-changing landscapes: 

The walk begins in Sitkari, a little town near Sonamarg. The path begins by ascending and descending through deep woodlands, passing rivers and streams. You’ll be strolling through countless fields and sceneries with various colors of green and brown as you climb higher. You’ll also drive over high-altitude passes including Nichnai Pass, Gadsar Pass, and Zaj Pass, which may be covered with snow depending on the weather.. You’ll be strolling on routes near beautiful alpine lakes every day. On the last several days’ trip, some of the spots also feature large boulder regions and difficult pathways.

There are a few shepherd’s houses along the path where nomadic Gujjar and Bakarwal tribesmen dwell with their animals. You will never meet individuals more modest and lovely than these. We had met poor weather and strong rains on a few occasions during my hike with Adventure Pulse last year, and were fortunate enough to find cover in the shepherd’s cabin, where they served us hot tea, kahva, and some food. After the trip, we slept on a houseboat on the famed Dal Lake, which gave us the opportunity to savour the great hospitality of the people.

 The journey offers a unique hiking experience and challenges:

The walk to the Great Lakes of Kashmir is special for many reasons. The walk provides a distinct variety of scenery as well as vistas of beautiful, snow-capped summits like Mt. Harmukh. It differs from hiking in other sections of the Indian Himalayas due to its geology and variable weather. This distant location’s pristine beauty has its own allure that you won’t find anyplace else in the Indian Himalayas..

Beautiful campgrounds amid broad fields and along lakeshores:

You’ll be camping in beautiful meadows on the banks of mountain lakes every day. Each campsite during the Great Lakes journey is stunning, but ours at Krishnasar Lake was my particular favorite. If the moonlight is faint, you may see millions of stars and even the Milky Way throughout the night.The views of the sunrise and sunset from the campgrounds were just spectacular.. It is advised that you add a day or two to your plan as a buffer day so that you may spend an extra day at one of the campsites and take in the raw and stunning scenery.

Beautiful camping in the midst of wide open fields and beside lakeshores:

Every day, you’ll be camping in gorgeous fields among alpine lakes. Each of the Great Lakes campsites is beautiful, but ours at Krishnasar Lake was my personal favorite. You may see millions of stars and even the Milky Way throughout the night if the moonlight is weak. The views of the dawn and sunset from the campsites were just spectacular. It is recommended that you add a day or two to your itinerary as a buffer day so that you may stay an additional day at one of the campsites and enjoy the raw and beautiful environment.

It’s a photographer’s dream come true:

The Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir provides nature enthusiasts and photographers with the opportunity to capture nature in various moods. The walk will amaze you every day with colorful broad meadows, snow-capped mountain peaks, big lakes, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and enchanting starry evenings. The meadows are a rainbow of colors, with bright flowers blooming everywhere. The trek’s highlands and hills feature a distinct mix of brown, green, and black colors. The contrast between the glistening lakes reflecting the sun, white clouds, and blue skies is stunning.

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