What are Shipping Boxes?  Where Can You Buy Them?

Shipping boxes are at your fingertips! Find out more in this blog, where you can buy these boxes and how to get free packaging for product shipping!

Important Points:

Major shipping companies offer free boxes with their courier service for shipping purposes. Corrugated boxes are robust and ensure the safe packaging and delivery of delicate items.

It’s very easy to find custom shipping boxes online search for “custom shipping boxes” on Google, and there you will see many results showing custom packaging companies from different areas. You can request a custom quote from each company and compare their rates to get shipping boxes within your budget.

Many companies help you when it comes to shipping products like ShipStation. They can help you save on transportation costs in any way. In addition to directing you to cheap shipping boxes, they will also help you save 75% on shipping costs from top couriers. Check their shipping cost calculator to determine how much you can save using ShipStation.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to where to buy shipping boxes and how to get them for free.

shipping boxes

Types of Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes are available in different colors, sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. Costs may increase depending on their size and the quality of the materials.

Here are some kinds of shipping box options:

Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

Corrugated boxes are an essential part of e-commerce transportation. 

These boxes are powerful and can be used for a wide range of products.

Cardboard boxes are available in all sizes, from small to large.

Here are also cardboard boxes of various shapes, including rectangular, telescopic, or even triangular tubes. They are heavy boxes to ship large items. Here are also cardboard boxes that can be folded to open or slide.

If you are looking for a company to buy shipping boxes, Baba Custom Boxes is a perfect fit for you.

Custom Packaging

Adding your company logo to the custom packaging helps you highlight your brand. If you added branding, your customers are more likely to remember the packaging experience. You can also make boxes of a certain size to fit the product.

Where can you buy shipping boxes with your company logo on them? Websites like Baba Custom Boxes and offer custom boxes for about $ 0.50 per box.

These boxes are much more expensive than regular boxes with a significant amount. But the brilliance of a custom box could be an advantage worth considering.

Insulated Shipping Boxes

Insulated shipping boxes consist of a corrugated box and a packaging insert that can fit inside. Securing your belongings in both packaging materials allows you to carry temperature-sensitive items.

These boxes are more expensive than standard cardboard boxes. If you ship delicate items, they may be ideal for you.

Poly Mailers

The polyethylene mailer can be described as a thin but durable plastic bag designed to carry fragile goods. The shipping label is attached to the outside of the bag, and the top can be self-sealing.

Poly mailers are easy alternatives and, therefore, cost-effective for corrugated boxes. Transport companies usually charge their services according to the weight of the package or its size, depending on which one is larger. This means that using lighter packaging can reduce shipping costs.

Merchants use mailer boxes to ship shoes, then clothing, and other items that have been included in their boxes. So you can usually find these poly-mailers through the same companies; in the same way, you look for where to buy boxes.


Where Can I Buy Shipping Boxes?

Google custom shipping boxes, and you’ll be able to find several box manufacturers. The trick is to find where you can buy shipping boxes that meet your specific needs reasonably without going through the online stock lists.

Here are some ShipStation suggestions of where to purchase boxes to ship.


Baba Custom Boxes

Baba Custom Boxes offers online custom packaging and other packaging inserts.

With more than 1000 box styles and other consumables, it’s not easy to imagine that you can’t find the items you need. The company also sells wholesale – similar to Uline in terms of shipping costs, and it isn’t easy to exceed their prices.

Suppose we buy a pack of 25 boxes and pay 0.55% for each box. The cost drops to $ 0.42 per box when we buy 1,000 or more boxes.

Baba Custom Boxes ships from 5 US warehouses, which means fast delivery. You can also get a fast delivery if you place your order before 18:00. Baba Custom Boxes is the best place to buy shipping boxes for those who need these boxes quickly, cheaply, and in large quantities. 



Amazon is the most popular supplier of various shipping products today, including shipping boxes. Due to its massive size, Amazon can be an excellent source for low-cost shipping boxes. Amazon Prime members can receive their purchases in just two days or less.

For $40 to buy 20 boxes, we pay about $2 for each box. It’s a bit big, but it’s almost 4 times the price of the boxes available on Baba Custom Boxes. Free shipping from Amazon probably won’t make up for the difference, but it depends on the type of order and where you are.

New sellers are added regularly on Amazon. This means that someone could appear anywhere with the cheapest boxes and can start selling. You may want to perform an instant price check on Amazon before deciding where to purchase your shipping boxes. 



So walmart is the largest real retailer of shipping products in the United States. You can also access for free shipping on orders over $35. It’s a standard solution to where you can get boxes to ship items.

Here’s the price of a 25 pack of six 6-inch x 6-inch” Corrugated cardboard boxes on

The price is $22 for a pack of 20, which is approximately $1.10 for each box. This means that you can pay approximately the same amount of money at Walmart as Uline, depending on orders. If you’re looking for a convenient shopping experience, Walmart is where to purchase shipping boxes.

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