Top 5 treks in Pune 


Matheran Trekking Matheran Trekking Pune is uncovered at a duration of 125 km from Pune that extends the extensively elegant perspective of the topography. Most of the trekking fanatics come to this wonderful position to achieve Garbett Point and endure the promising of their itinerary. Once you arrive on the top, the stunning opinions of numerous cataracts, mounts and lush fields will be evident to you. The remarkable nightfall and daylight can be effortlessly discerned from Garbut Point. It will take a detailed 1 day to trim the broad trek. Getting to Matheran is an opportunity to love to meet face to face very constantly. Right from the toy train path at Neral post which crawls unhurriedly grueling through the dense jungle to multiple troublemakers in the direction. Once you have caught up with the ceiling you can analyze the cores of Matheran on a horseback. Trekkers decide to walk from the Dasturi question. It’s close to 3 hours.

Ratangad Fort:

Ratangad Fort Take a four hour stab to one of the profitable trekking and thoughtful places near Mumbai, the Ratangad Fort spotted at the Ratanwadi village. A puncture of 185 km from Mumbai and 205 km from Pune, voyaging aberrations can adore the connectedness of the 400 years vacated mansion. The fort was imprisoned by Shivaji Maharaja and trekkers with feeblest circumstance can wager this out as the trekking shortcoming is moderate. Canyon of Sandhan is a one-and-a-half-kilometer duration from Samrad village in Ahmednagar region, on the west side of the Bhandardara area. All year, there is a lot except for four months of the rainy season.

The door in the gorge becomes so tapering that daylight does not win the footing in various locations. It is a remarkable ordeal for a trip to Sandhan gorge while viewing the grandeur of Sahyadri in the veil of the Ajoba Mountains, Ratan Gad and the Alang-Madan-Kulang castle and the Kalsubai cliff. It is explained that the abyss of volume two in the landmass is in Asia. 

Rajmachi Fort :

Rajmachi Fort One of the wonderful and soul relieving environments is the Rajmachi Fort that is situated at an elevation of 2700 ft. The hall is amidst the Sahyadri and persists at an important voyaging end; it is discovered in the interior of the Mumbai-Pune way. It is ninety five km from Mumbai and eighty km from Pune. Even a student trekker can put up with the swoop of hiking as visiting at Rajmachi villa is painless. A trek to the Rajmachi Fort will put you up to the isolated topography of the area that will captivate you. The Fort was erected back in the 17th century and is one of the best trekking holes of Maharashtra. It is a nuzzle in the Karjat province and was constructed in the epoch of Shivaji Maharaj. From here, you can snatch a glimpse at the Borghat which is an unforgettable labor way and extends impressive beliefs. Distant from this, it is one of the promising niches to call. The chronological fort dating back to the time of the enormous Maratha ruler Chatrapati Shivaji is uncovered amidst the overgrown lush Sahyadri expanse and is one of the extensively attempted after voyaging objectives in Maharashtra where you can suffer essence at altering manners. The trekking trail to Rajmachi Fort infests different waterfalls, deep ravines and vales, quaint townley, narrows various further to treat your orifices on. To earn an introductory hand background of this extraordinary trek you should possess an acceptable knowledge of the position and the wizards and hoaxes of Rajmachi Fort trip.

Tikona fort:

Tikona fort almost signifies Triangle Fort that is positioned near Kamshet townlet and Pawna Dam. It takes almost 2 hours to reach the castle from its headquarters. The fort is 125 km from Mumbai and 60 km from Pune and is politely admired during the monsoon season. The trekking complication is manageable and this is the motive gangs too come for trekking journeys

Pratapgad Fort 

Pratapgad Fort Dub it Pratapgad or Pratapgad the 16th-century Pratapgad mansion manufactured by Shivaji Maharaja on the Pratapgad hills has much notable extent. It is explained that all the fundamental methods and planning were performed on this fort by Shivaji Maharaj. The fort is fixed in the Satara district and is 20km from Mahabaleshwar, 221 km from Mumbai and 140 km from Pune. Civilization came to call upon the reign of Shivaji and has fulfilled an important caller fate as the trekking ingredient is manageable to execute. 

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