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Sports commentary is an essential component. A compelling commentator gives the theatre excitement and maintains the audience interested and craving more. Cricket has indeed been lucky to have a tonne of famous commentators over the years. The commentary quality has decreased over the last ten years due to the influx of ex-cricketers inside the broadcast booth, although there are still numerous renowned analysts who continue to improve our spectator experience. The commentary’s main goal is to help readers understand events rather than just report on them. The ability to comprehend what is transpiring in the sport and to simply convey it in poetic speech are essential components of a commentary profession.

Top 10 international cricket broadcasters who featured regularly on news cricket news are:

The main goal of commentators is to help the spectator comprehend the game by explaining the rationale behind adjustments to a team’s batting line-up or specific fields. This is done while using lovely words, enchanted metaphors, and a lyrical accent.

  • Harsha Bhogle – One of the best cricket match callers in the current period is Harsha Bhogle. Despite lacking international and domestic experience in the game, he is among the very few interpreters to enjoy a long career broadcasting games for television audiences. Bhogle is distinguished by his ability to speak clearly with ease and an accent that appeals to cricket individuals of all ages.
  • Michael Holding – Michael Holding, often known as “whispering death,” does have a speech that can break a tidal in two. Holding, among the most renowned commentators in cricket, is a regular member of the Sky Sports announcers and covers almost all West Indies and England matches. The Caribbean legend is frequently praised for his verbosity and candor, which has led many to name him the best cricket pundit since Richie Benaud.
  • Darrell Lloyd – After a somewhat ordinary tenure as the English cricket former manager, David Lloyd transitioned into the commentary booth. The famous Lancashire cricketer’s hilarious and colorful commentaries can liven things up in any game. He frequently appears for England in the global tournament.
  • Mark Taylor – One of the newest members of the announcers is Mark Taylor, who is undoubtedly the best of the bunch. Taylor is the group’s most level-headed member, whereas the majority of his current teammates come across as boosters. Because of his clarity in expressing his opinions, the viewer may easily comprehend how he sees the game.
  • Ian Chappell – He remains the only surviving permanent commentator from Channel Nine’s Fab Four, which also includes Tony Greig, Bill Lawry, Richie Benaud, and Chappell himself. Chappell would be a broadcaster that never holds back, always calling a spade, a spade. As he really can’t bring himself to follow the BCCI code of conduct in front of the media, the 70-year-old also declined to talk about the game in Australia vs India ODI series played the year before.
  • Rahul Dravid – Many cricket fans haven’t been too impressed by Indian commentators throughout the years. Despite having a long experience while behind the mic, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri haven’t added anything unique. Gavaskar’s commentary can occasionally come across as desperate, whereas Shastri is skilled at repeating the same idea endlessly. Rahul Dravid has been a pleasant change in this circumstance. Dravid isn’t as boisterous or loud-mouthed as the others, but he is among the most informed commentators available thanks to his extensive understanding of local cricket.
  • Ian Bishop – He is hardly a broadcaster who will make you want to get up and leave your chair. The erstwhile West Indian pace bowler is a pleasant contrast in a world filled with Najvot Singh Sidhu’s and Danny Morrisons. Bishops maintain their composure and maintain a sense of logic in the analysis even during a very dynamic competition such as the IPL, despite the mayhem all around them.
  • Tony Greig- Greig became close friends with Kerry Packer of something like the Nine Network even during the Championship Game Cricket phase, and Packer gave Greig a “career for a lifetime” as a commentator for Channel nine cricket broadcast. Greig lived out the remainder of his existence in Sydney, where he proceeded to provide analysis. During his tenure, he was considered to be one of cricket’s finest commentators and also was known for his objectivity, wit, and intense passion for the sport. Fans affectionately recalled and imitated his pitch reports, in which he would employ a car key or perhaps a pen to demonstrate pitch qualities or crack widths. When discussing the necessity for Steve Harmison of England to terrify Glenn McGrath who was Australia’s number 11 during the  Ashes Perth Test in 2006, Greig said, “Get him.
  • Nasser Hussain – An example of a contemporary cricket pundit is Nasser Hussain. He always keeps the facts straight and stands up for what he thinks is right, notably the Decision Review Mechanism known as the DRS. Although it was needless for him to call Indian fielders “donkeys” in the year 2011, yet is still regarded as among the most knowledgeable individuals in cricket due to his insightful commentary.
  • Michael Atherton – Few people might have bothered to see Michael Atherton hit, yet when it came to his judgment of the sport, it’s quite another matter. The Times publishes all of its online material behind a paywall, and the renowned cricketer writes for them. However, a lot of cricket lovers from all over the world are eager to pay money merely to read his essays. He has also emerged as one of the best game analysts ever. His commentary is neither overbearing nor lackluster. He strikes the ideal balance when speaking into the microphone, making him the best cricket analyst in the world right now.


The commentary aims to reach listeners’ ears with more than just words and platitudes. It involves describing the game like a narrative essay and the event like poetry. A strong understanding of the language and sometimes even stronger voice control are essential for success in this underappreciated position.

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