Things You Must Be Careful About When Using Statistical Research Analysis

Research is open to all fields of study, including science and arts. Every field of study has a different kind of problem to discuss. Some fields work for real-life problems, while others ones for fictional issues or theories. Based on the type of problem, you have to decide the data type and its analysis technique. You can see that every step of research is linked with the other one. In simple words, there is a chain formed by different components of research. Statistical Research analysis is an also an important part of Dissertation writing.

One of the significant components of research is data analysis. The right approach to data analysis makes your final decision concrete. Otherwise, you have to suffer for a reliable conclusion of the study. In the field of science, you can find the significant role of statistical analysis. Therefore, this article aims to discuss statistical research analysis in detail.

What is Statistical Research Analysis?

Statistical analysis is an approach to finding and interpreting data. The data collection can be in many forms, including numeric as well as non-numeric. As per the type of data, you have to distribute it in a particular way. Statistical research analysis is an investigation of data trends over different periods of time. The use of statistical analysis is widespread in different areas of study. Also, it plays a significant role in the engineering, science and business sector.

Statistical analysis demands proper planning. You have to examine the hypothesis for your research critically. There can be a research question rather than a hypothesis. Based on the purpose of the research, you have to decide if a hypothesis is best for a research purpose.

Furthermore, you have to design a research approach. Here your research approach is statistical analysis. After collecting data in statistical research analysis, you have to focus on data organisation. It can be in the form of descriptive or inferential. There are many other organisation techniques to interpret the findings of the study.

What are the two main methods of statistical analysis used by researchers?

The selection of one statistical research analysis method needs great care. Every method has a particular role to play. So, you have to evaluate very carefully which method can work well to give you the best results. The research work needs a significant sample size to make concrete decisions. The larger the sample size is, the more accurate results would be there. So, researchers use statistical research analysis to deal with large datasets. Following are the two main methods you can use for research:


The use of mean can be seen in most of the research. The reason behind its frequent use is simplicity. There is no hard and fast rule or science for using mean. The dataset goes for mean to get the average of any particular aspect. You can find meaning in different ways. Based on the purpose of use, you can identify which way is better to use.

Suppose you have to find the mean of the whole data. In this case, you can do it in excel, or you can do it manually. On the other hand, you have to calculate the mean of different points. In this case, you can use the software.

Standard Deviation

Standard deviation is another statistical research analysis method. In this statistical method, you have to take great care of the dispersion of points. In a large dataset, you can observe so much dispersion of data around the mean. That dispersion can be identified through standard deviation. For manual calculation, you have to care for its formulation.

Put the correct values in the formula to find the results. In contrast to manual calculation, you can use SPSS (statistical package for the social sciences) for the calculation of standard deviation in statistical research analysis.

Other than mean and standard deviation, you can go for regression, hypothesis testing and dataset determination.

What are the Things to Consider in statistical research analysis?

In statistical research analysis, you have to be very careful about several things. It includes control conditions, comparison of different effects and use of a small dataset. In all such cases, you have to be very attentive. Minor negligence can cause faulty results. Let’s discuss these considerations briefly.

  • As a researcher, you may have to deal with the issues of control conditions in statistical research analysis. A slight change of condition can cause variation in results. So, you have to take great care of the conditions applied concerning the time. Sometimes, you have to change control conditions as per the demand of research. In such cases, make sure that the changes you are making must be according to plan. Otherwise, the data manipulation can go beyond the designed track.
  • Another critical and frequently observed concern is the comparison of two or more effects. You can understand it with the help of the comparison of two effects. One effect is observed under experimental conditions, while the other one is under control conditions. Here, you have to observe the intervention very carefully. The statistical research analysis works well to deal with all interventions. You have to be attentive to the relevant correlations.
  • In the case of a small dataset, you have to clarify that minor detections are not possible. Here, you can identify major issues relevant to your research. Also, the validity of the result can be in doubt. Under such a situation, researchers have to focus on clear evidence for the accuracy of data. The dataset is limited, but the accuracy of the data can help you examine the general effects.

Final Thoughts

At the time of using statistical research analysis, the right method selection provides you with quality results. You should not go for random selection of any method. Also, you have to work on the primary conditions related to statistical analysis. The variation in the trends of data can be because of many reasons. You have to carefully identify how an assumption in data affects the results. If you do statistical analysis attentively, you will surely get valid results.

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