The Best Guide to Create Custom Boxes Packaging for Products

Custom Boxes: With the increasing demand for high-end products and the growing demand for niche markets, it’s no surprise that choosing a high-end box is the most appropriate choice.

High-end packaging can help with your promotional and presentation requirements in any industry by improving the value of your brand and products.

Many businesses would prefer the choice of a high-end box.

It can be troubling when the cost factor is considered, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises.

The article below will illuminate inexpensive packaging options for premium products and the best way to approach the task of creating top-quality packaging for your luxurious products at the lowest cost feasible!

A significant portion of the business budget goes to packaging for the product.

High-end packaging can give your brand an edge in the market, both on the shelves and in e-commerce. It is a significant factor in the experience of unboxing and your impression of your potential customers.

What if you’re a smaller enterprise and do not have the funds to create and manufacture top-quality packaging?

There are ways to create low-cost, high-end packaging without using high-end materials.

It’s not only going to cost less but will compete at a similar level to your more prominent rivals.

Let’s get started and look into some possibilities!

rigit boxes


In the beginning, you must ensure that you have established your product’s estimated measurements for the box, the anticipated number of packages, and the project’s goals.


This is the data most often required for us to give you an estimate for custom boxes.

The clearer your details are, the faster you’ll get an estimate!

If you’re seeking the most affordable alternative, a packaging expert will determine which elements must be modified, changed, or added according to your requirements.


As with any successful project making high-end packaging demands providing your supplier sufficient time.

As previously mentioned, ensure that you have identified:

A timeline


Specifications for design

Shipping method

Method of Warehousing

Be aware that rigid packaging can take around 20-30 days for production, so ensure you choose the correct structure materials, design, and material.

Rigid Boxes are made by hand and require careful work and an extremely skilled operation team to create them for optimal results.

This is the reason why costs are usually higher for rigid packaging. The cost of production varies based on the construction and the material of the box.

The good news is that rigid boxes aren’t the only choice for making high-quality packaging!

paper board metrial


If you’re a small or medium-sized company looking to purchase custom Boxes packaging but with a lower budget than your competition, you’re not restricted to paying a premium price for rigid packaging.

Rigid boxes are usually the option for many high-end brands, they can select cheaper materials, such as cardboard boxes.

The cardboard boxes come with various design options for structural structures and finishing and printing options.

They are not only cheaper; however, they are also much more sustainable.

As we said, cardboard boxes provide various finishing and printing options and support save nature. You can choose to use water-based coatings and inks to make recycling easy.


This is a critical stage that will determine the course of your work.

With your budget in place, it is now time to finalize the dimensions of your packaging. You’ll be aware of the limitations of your design and avoid the time it takes to design your product.

To have a complete idea of how your spending needs to be, you should consider the following factors:

  • Material
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing
  • Logistics

Packaging Layout

That’s where the dieline in manufacturing is a factor.

Dieline is a computer-generated 2D template to help you design the packaging of your box.

It also includes a design of the box.

This is necessary to convey crucial information needed for the making of samples and the final product.

If your packaging is straightforward, you will not have to pay additional costs for custom design services.

Fortunately, several companies, including Rush Custom Boxes, can pay you back for this service.

Box Styles

The proper structure for your box is crucial in conveying an elegant feel for your product and brand.

If you can afford the funds to invest in rigid boxes, then there are various structural designs that you can select from.

They include:


The style provides an easy and efficient unboxing experience. It is make of substantial chipboard material. The magnetic closure of the hinged lid creates a luxurious impression.


Two premium quality pieces are connect through friction, which adds to the excitement of opening the box.


This box opens to display merchandise and is well-known because of its durability and attractive design, which can be noticed on the shelves.

Custom shapes provide you with the advantage of creating packaging that differentiates you from the rest of your competitors. The distinctive shape helps to communicate your brand’s message more clearly.


This container could have the same features as a magnetic box; however, this box can be folded to form a flat structure. These structures can be folded to keep costs down while offering a luxurious experience for unboxing.

This allows you to give your packaging a future beyond your product.

In terms of cost, two-piece boxes are generally a good option because of their standard and straightforward construction.

Folding Carton provides a variety of styles of structure that you can pick from if seeking low-cost, high-quality alternatives.

If you’ve picked the premium or folding box design, you must consider whether the box needs additional security.

An excellent and well-known option for product packaging is the use of foam inserts.

It is necessary to pay more for these extras, and they can be a significant improvement in the security of your products.

It also helps you save money for potential damage to your equipment.

packaging boxes layouts

Box Dimensions

After you’ve selected your premium box, you’ll need to figure out the dimensions of the box.

It is best to make your calculations based on the internal dimensions when you measure.

Box measures can help make sure that the box fits snugly.

To reduce costs, make your boxes as minimal as possible, with enough space to accommodate your items.

This allows for a minimum amount of space the product can be toss around during delivery and distribution and provides a pleasant unboxing experience.

Smaller custom packaging boxes cost less when it comes to printing and cost less for shipping.

This is why it is always recommend to ensure that your dimensions are the smallest size you can.

This will save you money in the long term and reduce shipping costs that could arise.

In the same way, you should be attentive to the item’s dimensions.

A larger box is generally not advise as it will have more space which might cause damage to the product in the course of shipping.

This can also significantly impact the experience of the unboxing of your product.

Imagine this in this manner. Do you think you would be satisfied when you bought an item that doesn’t perform as supposed to?

This is how your costume will feel. Ensure that the dimensions are adequate to ensure no space for harm but enough possibility of a beautiful customer experience.

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