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The Adjustable Bed Helps With Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Even though most people snore on occasion, millions of Americans suffer from persistent snoring. Many also suffer from snoring. Snoring can cause more problems than just being annoying. Snoring habitually can be a problem for your partner or family member, making it difficult to get a good night of sleep.

Sleep apnea (breathing that stops or slows down) can have a significant impact on your ability to rest soundly. There are steps you could take to reduce your snoring or improve your sleep quality. In fact, an adjustable bed is one of the best ways to reduce snoring. Continue reading to learn about the best mattress for snoring.

What Are the Causes of Snoring?

First, you may wonder how snoring works. Snoring is when air cannot freely flow through the nose or throat. Snoring occurs when forced airflow makes the surrounding tissues vibrate.

People who snore a lot often have too many tissues in their throats or nose. They also have more vibrating tissue. It can also be caused by weight gain or genetics. Snoring can also result from excessive drinking or sinus issues. It could also be due to your tongue blocking the airway. A bed that is adjustable can reduce the risk of snoring. An adjustable bed can help with snoring, sleep apnea, and more.

Elevate the Head

Experts in sleep have recommended elevating one’s head for years as a method to reduce snoring. When you raise your head, you relieve pressure in the throat and open the nasal passages. Your tongue and jaw will be forced forward which reduces snoring. You can now elevate your head with an adjustable bed, making it much easier to reduce your snoring. This will allow you and your partner to get a good night of sleep. Even better, your partner can easily raise your head without you having to get up. The best queen size mattress will allow you to adjust each side of the bed independently, so you can get great sleep.

No More Fighting with Pillows

You can also use multiple pillows to decrease snoring if you do not own an adjustable bed. However, pillows can create problems when you try to prop yourself up. Multiple pillows can cause your pillows to slip or shift throughout the night. The act of constantly changing your pillows can disturb your sleep as well as your snoring. A poor pillow placement can also lead to neck and back pain.

You Can Take Advantage Of The Zero Gravity Position

By allowing you to sleep in zero gravity, an adjustable bed can help lessen your snoring. Also known as the neutral position, the zero Gravity position (also called neutral position) was initially created with space travel in mind. However, it has been proven to be very beneficial here on Earth.

Adjustable beds are placed at the zero gravity position. This elevates your head and legs higher than your stomach. This position can offer many benefits to your body. It reduces pressure on your back, increases blood flow, and takes the pressure off the heart. Snorers may also benefit from the zero gravity position. By providing greater support and weight balance to the body, it can help to open up the airways, which can lead to less snoring. 

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