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My 10 Favorite Beauty Tricks From The 90’s That Even Bae Didn’t Know About!

As much as I love 2020 and it’s fancy beauty products, there’s nothing like taking a trip down memory lane and remembering some of my favorite beauty secrets from the past. Here are 10 of my favorites!

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Use a poorly-made toothbrush to add volume to your hair.

  • Use an old, worn out toothbrush that’s missing some bristles.
  • Use a hard, stiff bristle brush if you have straight hair and want it to be curly.
  • Use an old, worn out toothbrush that’s missing some bristles, but this time with softer bristles than before.

Use black lipstick as eyeliner.

One of the most overlooked beauty hacks is using black lipstick as eyeliner. It’s amazing how this simple trick can make your eyes pop, and it’s easy to do once you know how.
First, pick up a small brush (I like this one).

Next, apply the eyeliner directly on top of your lash line in these spots:

Lower lashes: Apply a thin layer all around the eye so that they’re defined but not heavy-looking. This will give them an instant lift without being too obvious or distracting from your face. The key is to keep it thin!
Inner corner: This is especially great for night gals who want their eyes to really pop out at people when they’re in dim lighting situations like bars or clubs—it’ll give off that “bedroom eyes” vibe without turning into an actual bedroom situation (which we obviously don’t want). Also excellent for anyone who wants their makeup to be subtle yet noticeable at all times since our eyes naturally wander towards them when we talk with someone else; this way everyone knows exactly what we’re looking at when they meet us face-to-face!
Outer corner: A bit trickier than outer corners because there are fewer hairs around them which means less coverage area; however if done right though then those babies will look stunningly gorgeous with just enough sparkle coming off them whenever caught by light sources nearby.

Use Roll-On glitter.

Apply it to your skin with a sponge, or do your lips and cheeks in an eye-catching way by applying it directly from the tube. You can also use this product as an eyeliner, brow pencil, lip gloss or face powder.

If you want to go bold with your makeup look, try some highlighter that shines in the light.

Make “beach waves” using a flat iron.

My favorite trick involves a flat iron, which is exactly what you think it is: a device that straightens your hair. You can use it to give your locks the wavy look of someone who has just walked out of the ocean (real or otherwise). This method works best on short or medium-length hair that has been blow dried and sectioned into pieces. If you’re worried about burning yourself because your piece isn’t long enough to get tucked away behind the flat iron, I have another tip: take an old t-shirt and cut holes in both sleeves so they cover each hand while keeping them from getting burned. The fabric will also help protect against accidental bumps against any hot metal parts!

While using this technique, keep two constant reminders in mind: safety first, style second; heat styling devices can damage hair if used too often or incorrectly so always keep safety top priority when using heat tools!

Don’t worry about getting a smooth shave on your legs.

The secret to getting a smooth shave on your legs is to stop trying. We know you’ve been shaving for years, but still: the light at the end of this tunnel isn’t a full leg of hair, and it’s not even close. You’ll never get a smooth shave no matter how much you try.

If you’re still determined to have smooth skin, there are several options at your disposal:

You can use a razor to shave your legs, arms, face and bikini line (if that’s something you do).
You can invest in an electric shaver and use it on all those areas too!

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