How to Write in a Manner Appropriate for the Academic Journal You Are Submitting To

Writing academic journals is a way to convey your research findings. In academic journals, you write the latest discoveries and developments and define the prospects in which the future research falls.

It offers a vast collection of research articles. You can understand the knowledge about your relative research topic and develop different ideas to do research. The expert approves the articles published in journals of the relative field according to the general policy.

Academic journals are the gateway by which scholars and researchers communicate to track and get unique ideas and knowledge in the field of science. You need to choose a journal before writing if you want your article to be approved by that journal.

It would help write a research article according to the journal’s requirements. Your article will only be approved or be accepted if your writing is according to the journal’s readership.

Getting your articles published in reputable journals increases your research’s visibility and credibility and opens career opportunities. Do not worry! If you don’t know how to write for an academic journal.

In this article, you will learn the methods and tips by which you can write in a manner appropriate for the academic journal.

How to format a Journal article:

Once you choose the target journal, research the articles related to your topic. It takes a lot of time to read already published articles. Read those articles that are relevant to your research topic.

It can help you understand the flow and structure of the article and guide you in writing tips. But this process takes much time. Now let’s discuss the format of the journal article:

1.     Title:

The title defines the purpose of your research. Put the relevant keywords in the title. The title appears at the top of the paper, and you can use relevant keywords in this section.

2.     Keywords:

Keywords are an integral part of any journal article. It would help if you researched the keywords first. Try to make a list of primary and secondary keywords and use them according to the context.

Keywords help in ranking your article. The individuals use these keywords when searching for the article in search engines.  

3.     Abstract:

An abstract is a short paragraph that summarizes your research. It is almost about 250-300 words. The abstract requires the writer to tell:

  • What is the research about?
  • What methodologies were used for your research?
  • What are your key findings and conclusions?

4.     Introduction:

The introduction introduces your research and defines your argument against the conflicts addressed in the research.

5.     Main Body:

In the main body, you write your arguments and the evidence that supports your main ideas. Make sure that you link each paragraph’s information to the other. It will create a flow and increase readability.

6.     Conclusion:

Your conclusion is the interpretation of your experiments and shows the final results. Here, you summarize the main topic that you used in the body of the paper. You can not write any new ideas in this section.

7.     References:

You must add references to increase the credibility of your academic journal. Make sure that you write the relevant references.

Tips for writing an academic journal:

How to Write in a Manner Appropriate for the Academic Journal

Now let’s discuss the tips that make academic journal writing easy for you.

1.     Make a plan:

Planning is the utmost element for executing anything. You should be clear about what is the objective of writing a journal. What audience you will target, and what message do you want to convey.

Target your audience and keep their needs in mind. Then you will be able to write a journal that the audience would love.

Making a plan will also be helpful to complete it in a very smooth way as every point will be evident in your mind before writing, and in this way, not a single point will be missed. So, Making a plan is very necessary.

2.     Ideas from the professional community:

It would be best if you discussed your ideas with some experts so that they would guide the best way to write an academic journal. You will get the right direction, so instead of wasting time, take help from others, even at earlier stages, to make it perfect.

Revisions are critical, so make revisions several times because even a single mistake can make you lose the impact of your journal.

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3.     Go through some already published journals:

Writing formats of different things are different. Journal writing is not like writing an essay.

So, it would be best if you read some past published journals in your field and get an idea about how they are written.

Your primary focus should be on the starting and ending lines and how they manage to attract the audience, and the standard pattern of an academic journal.

4.     Have an eye on the reviewer’s feedback:

Feedback plays a crucial role in the success of a well-written journal. You must read your readers’ feedback continuously to know what they demand from you.

Then you can make some amendments to your journal and create it according to your reader’s interest. If you ignore reading the feedback, you can lose your reader’s interest.

5.     Collaborate with other writers:

Try doing some practice with other writers. It will enable you to learn many things that you can never learn by writing alone.

Writing with others combines the ideas of more than one mind, and that will boost up your ideas, and you will see a new path and ideas for your journals.


This article was all about how to write an academic journal. What are the essential elements to keep in mind before starting an academic journal article?

The importance of planning and the general guideline is provided in this article to help you write a perfect academic journal. Best of luck

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