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How To Dress According to Your Body in 2022

Each individual has their own personality and body shape. Quiet about always, we find what looks good on others might look good as well on ourselves. As a result, our styles and personalities are compromised while following this trend. So, what to do in this scenario is quite challenging.

Perhaps, knowing one’s body shape and personality is key to dressing well unlike any. This fashion demeanor helps add classiness to our personalities and chic looks and helps boost confidence.

Whatever is trending out there may or may not be well-suited for you. Not to mention knowing what best fits us is crucial to pulling off incredible appearances.

This post aims to help you understand your body shapes to anchor apt fashion with a breeze. Once you know your body measures and proportions, fashioning will be simple and effortless. Keep going!

How To Dress According to Your Body Shapes – Clever Tips and Tricks

Apple Shape

If you have an apple body shape (oval or upper half being wider than your lower half), V-neck styling comes very appealingly to this body shape. It would be best if you anchored V-neck t-shirts or tops for attaining ultimate glams in the fashion arena for such a body structure. Ever since a large pool of fashion is being available broadly, people don’t need to work out and do some heavy-lifting to get into shapes for aesthetically well-dressed looks. The fashion industry has various apparel designs that fit regardless of your body shape and size.

However, fixing your apple shape of a body with A-line gowns, high waist jeans, pencil skirts, or any low or mid-rise pants would help bring the attention you need. Shaping similar to your body curves can help you accentuate amid any crowd.

Pear Shape

A pear shape is that which has your hip the widest. Or, having a wide mid-section is called a pear shape. Perhaps showing off your body curves would be a wise stunt to pull off looking outstanding when you have such a body shape. Simply by wrapping a trendy fabric belt around your belly, you can do this. However, full skirts, open-backs, maxi dresses, and flattering neckline dresses will also heighten your glimmering body looks with beachwear for women.

In addition, pear-shaped bodies are pruned to smart-casual skirts along with a shirt. If you want to look smart and aesthetically appealing in your workspace, lean into darker skirts and light shirts.

Rectangle Shape

Those who have their hip and bust sizes to their waists have a rectangle body shape. This type of body always looks good in ripped or cut-outs outfits. We also call this type of body shape a straight shape figure. Apart from cut-outs, this body type can look good in almost every apparel, albeit better in ripped and cut-outs. Sporting around with sleeveless tops, neckline sweaters, and A-line dresses or skirts will make your body shape more enlightening.

More than that, always try to experiment with a new set of apparel in the mirror first before going out. This way, you can isolate the personality-matching clothes that’ll help you impress both yourself and your spectators.

Inverted Shape

Having an inverted body shape means having wider shoulders than your waist. Inverted shapes are also known as athletic or triangle body shapes. To bring balance and glam to your inverted body shape, lean into A-line dresses while adding volume, such as belts, to your waist to display a perfect waistline. Plus, these inverted body shapes are more prone to jeans and branded t-shirts, although you can anchor the 80s or 90s fashion to bring more classiness and refinement to your chic look.

Try adjusting glamorous pants and skirts to your lower half to draw more attention. From peplums to short hemline skirts, belted dresses, and midi-skirts, comparable outfits are well-suited for such body shapes to make a defining fashion statement.

Hourglass Shape

This type entails having the same bust size as one’s hip – also known as a curvy body with the same bust and hip stretching, having primarily slimmer waistlines. Perhaps this body shape will enhance your glamour looks via anchoring high-waisted pants, wrap dresses, and crop tops. However, especially for hourglass body shapes, you need to display your waistline to achieve the glossiest looks. Now that can be achieved by wrapping belts around your waists over any dress.

You can wear V-neck, jumpsuits, or peplums, along with any pointed heels for seamless glam. Even better, any tracksuits with any fitting hoodie with sneakers along will help you pull aesthetically attractive looks more than anything else.

How To Find out Your Body Type

Regardless of your number of hours at the gym, your bone structures always tend to define your body shape one way or another. So, it’s vital to get along with the idea of self-loving your body shape and try anchoring styles made only for those shapes. In that way, you can look as classy as you ever dreamt of. On top, it’ll not only make you feel snug but confident as well. Therefore, determine your body shape before going shopping.

You can find your body shape easily while standing erect in front of a mirror, although it’s essential to measure it correctly from head to toe to know precisely. So, wrap a measuring tape around your bust, waist, high hip, and hip. Here you can put those dimensions to know your actual body shape – Body Type Calculator.


Keep in mind dressing is all about bringing out your own style and personality. Hence, having the same clothing sense to one’s body shape is highly glamouring and helps one stand out. This way, you can feel more pride and potentially outwit other style seekers like a breeze. Knowing your proportions not only enables you to dress well but also makes you a savvy and quick shopper like none. If you’re still clung to copying other styles, then know this: you can replicate their styles, but you won’t be able to copy their awesomeness. So, I repeat – make your own style.

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