How to Check the Status of Your FSSAI Application


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is known as FSSAI. FSSAI is a body corporate responsible for controlling the food articles and food organizations for great quality and well-being of utilization alongside secure food taking care of practices. FSSAI was laid out under the principles and guidelines set by the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 under the management of the Government of India as well as the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. FSSAI invests in food items in exchange for the use of the FSSAI Logo and a 14-digit Food License Number for the items and food organizations. To apply for this permit food entrepreneurs need to go online on the FSSAI registration portal, apply for the permit/enlistment, and need to keep a beware of the FSSAI application status too.

Elements Of FSSAI

FSSAI was fused to advance sanitation. For this reason, it has set a few guidelines for the production, stockpiling, dissemination, deal, and import of food things. This large number of principles have been inspected and have the backup of science.

FSSAI was planned with the idea to guarantee that the food thing is sans debasement and beneficial to eat.

FSSAI additionally repairs the definition and execution of different security guidelines for food, required when all processes, beginning from assembling, creation, moving, bundling or unbundling, transporting, retailing, and so forth

FSSAI, as endorsed by the Food Safety and Security Act of 2006, needs to control and cause the framework to screen the FBO. It sets up the rules for inspecting food in India, and a normalized framework to be compiled by the research facilities.

They are open in gathering and breaking down information connected to defilement and dangers. Help with spreading general mindfulness about safe food propensities and nourishment over the overall population.

FSSAI Registration Forms

FSSAI requires applications for Food License relies on FORM An and FORM B. These structures filling will rely on your yearly turnover. They should be filled out and submitted.

FSSAI Registration Form A

The Fassi Registration Form An is expected to be submitted and recorded when the Food Business Operator includes a yearly turnover of Rs.12 Lakh.

FSSAI Registration Form B

  1. On account of State FSSAI LicenceForm B is recorded when the FBO’s turnover is inside Rs. 20 crore. The spot of selling action is restricted to the state in a manner of speaking and is given by the Government of the state.
  2. When an FBOs turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crore, it is required to file Form B with the Central FSSAI. It is provided by India’s central government.

Examining the status of a completed FSSAI application

  • Checking the status of an FSSAI application is as easy as typing in ‘Complete Application and License/Certificate’ and pressing ‘Search.’
  • If a permit has been issued, the permit enrollment number will be displayed when you click on the ‘Permit/Certificate number.’
  • To see the Acknowledgement Receipt, go to the reference number and select ‘view’.
  • For FSSAI application status, you will see one more window with the heading Detailed Report for State or Central LicensesCompleted Application(s) structure. Hereunder Application Status, you will actually want to see whether or not the permit has been given to you. On the off chance that the permit has been given, you will actually want to see the issue date and legitimacy period.

Before you apply for FSSAI on the web, you should be ready with an extensive rundown of archives to have the option to finish your FSSAI application.

Reports to Apply for FSSAI permit

To get an FSSAI permit endorsement, A Food Business Owner needs to deliver a far-reaching rundown of archives for the check.

Normal Documents for All Licenses/Registrations

Regardless of whether it is any sort of FSSAI permit, there are a couple of normal archives that an FBO needs to submit to go ahead with the technique of gaining their food permit. Each Food Business needs to give these reports obligatorily.

  • Marked and Completed FORM-B [FORM-A for Basic FSSAI registration]
  • Photograph Identity Proof of the Food Business Owner
  • PAN Card
  • Recent Passport Size Photograph
  • Verification of Possession of the Premises( Land Papers or Rental Agreement)
  • Articles Of Association/Certificate of consolidation/Partnership Deed, if relevant
  • A broad rundown of food things FBO will manage and deal with.
  • The arrangement for Food Safety System Management [Not required for Basic FSSAI registration]
  • Presentation structure and Form IX
  • Authority Letter

Reports for State License

The normal reports will stay the same alongside them the archives referenced beneath are expected for getting State FSSAI License :

  • Outline or design the proposed area
  • A definite rundown of Equipment and Machinery introduced or to be introduced in the area
  • NOC and duplicate of the permit from makers
  • Authority letter with points of interest about the name and address of the individual capable.

Archives for Central License

The normal archives will stay the same alongside them the records referenced beneath are expected for getting a Central FSSAI License :

  • Water Report Analysis from a grounded as well as an administration wellbeing research center
  • Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) gave IEC (Import Export Code)
  • Pesticide Residue Report of the water for units engaged with the assembling of mineral or carbonated water
  • Assigned milk supplier/Source of Milk
  • Evidence of Annual turnover, whenever required
  • Meat supplier/Meat handling units
  • Testaments allotted by the Ministry of Tourism, if pertinent
  • Vehicles turnover confirmation, if appropriate

Legitimacy for FSSAI License

FSSAI permit legitimacy is from 1 to 5 years. Everything relies upon the Food business administrator (FBO) for how lengthy he needs his permit. From that point onward, as per the FSSAI rules, the FBO needs to apply for the reestablishment of the permit in 30 days and it should be made before its expiry. Any FSSAI reestablishment application documented surpassing the expiry date is approached to pay a late expense of Rs. 100 every day for every day of postponement. Thus, all food business administrators need to follow and guarantee that the FSSAI permit is substantial without fail. Assuming that an FBO observed maintaining a food business without the permit will be rebuffed to pay a fine. Assuming a food business administrator maintains a food business without getting an FSSAI License, the demonstration is culpable under regulation. The FBO might confront detainment and FSSAI permit punishment up to rupees Rs.5 lakhs for the equivalent.

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