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How is text to speech solution beneficial for startups

You may know that every business’s primary goal is to improve the user experience. Most companies aim for a smooth operation regardless of expenses and underlying technology. Whether a website, application or online service, the digital environment is designed with a minimalist approach. Text-to-speech assistive devices benefit from this trend of comfortability. Many companies have been looking for ways to cut costs while increasing the customer experience in recent days. In Text-to-Speech (TTS), the core of high-quality self-service apps satisfies this need by cutting costs through enhanced automation and providing personalized client interactions. By producing high-quality genuine voices, Text-to-Speech software allows businesses to give intelligent self-service and provide a better consumer experience. Below you will get a clear idea of how to Text to Speech solutions are beneficial for startups:

Increase IVR options

Every business nowadays selects clever technological features that provide value to the organization and allow them to communicate with clients more swiftly. In that IVR is one such technology that benefits businesses of all sizes due to its constant improvements and implementation of new technologies to meet market expectations. In addition, call flows can be changed using the Text-to-Speech plug-in choices by incorporating DTMF keypress options in a multi-widget based IVR. These keypress options help customers capture their comments accurately when conducting survey campaigns and gathering customer feedback. Instead of sending surveys by email or SMS, which may not receive a prompt response, IVR surveys are more likely to receive a greater response rate from clients.


The tts text to speech software is fully customizable, allowing you to use the product’s features effectively. It will enable you to select your desired text and voice quality, allowing businesses to decide how they wish to engage with their customers. With modification, the software will engage with customers the way the company expects. It can streamline the process and provide consistency across the client communication process.

Offers human-like voice quality

In today’s technology, conversational interfaces are getting increasingly popular. Users communicate with their devices using speech and assigning work to them in the same way they would a human. Customers will have a near-human voice experience and accent if you use TTS to give your company a voice. You can provide a truly exceptional and enjoyable customer experience. Companies can use text to speech synthesis technologies to boost automation and efficiency while lowering operational costs and increasing customer service.

Multiple language and accent

Good text to speech software will also handle all common languages, which is a great feature. When you combine text to speech Indian English with a worldwide vocabulary list, you get mainly English, Hindi, and Indian accented words. As an outcome, immigrants and visitors will be able to communicate more successfully with natives and survive in different parts of the world.


The Text to Speech market has expanded in recent years because of technological advancement. When comparing prices, all factors must be considered. You get more flexible price options and improved cost management transparency when you add Indian voice text to speech in your organization. Complete and exact quality control will always provide a favourable return on investment.

Internet of Things allows for easier installation (IoT)

The Internet of Things is quickly evolving as a significant aspect of digital business transformation. Digital strategies are in place in all industries, focusing on engaging customers across several connected channels to improve how they interact with them. TTS makes it easier for related objects in the Internet of Things to communicate with consumers.

Voice quality

The most significant thing you can do as a supervisor maintains a high voice quality in your contact centre. Controlling and monitoring your call centre requires an effective voice quality approach. Listen in on calls and review call transcripts to ensure that you provide the best possible customer service. You will need a system that can respond to client feedback and issues swiftly and efficiently. When Text to Speech is installed in your contact centre, it helps you control your pronunciation, volume, text emphasis, and speech rate based on the situation.

Enhance your business with text to speech 

With customers from numerous industries, Knowlarity is the premier cloud communication service in emerging markets. If your business requires text-to-speech, Knowlarity is a good option. If you approach Knowlarity to enhance your startup with text to speech, you will succeed in your business. The above listed are the few benefits and features of text to speech that will help you enhance your business.

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