Follow Some Simple Steps to Solve the wf-7620 error on Your Printer

Customers who use Epson printers may get the error 0x97 at various points throughout their printing experiences. This rare problem occurs after the Printer has been running for a while. The Epson printer will not be able to print any documents because of the Epson wf-7620 error code 0x97. You are interested in finding a solution to the Epson wf-7620 error code 0x97. Keep reading for a further and more comprehensive explanation.

To fix the issue, you will need to detach the Printer from its power supply and remove any cables or USB drives connected to it. Open the Printer’s lid and clear any jams. Cleaning it will remove any paper jams that may have occurred. In addition to this, you should use a wet cloth devoid of lint to clean the printhead and the interior of the Printer.

Epson Error Code 0x97 Issues

Epson is a well-known brand name in the printing business due to the high-quality printers that the company manufactures. Millions of individuals use Epson printers daily. Epson is a maker of printers renowned worldwide for the superiority of its goods and the cutting-edge technology that it utilizes.

When an Epson printer reports error number 0x97, the customer is instructed to turn the Printer off and then back on again. Restarting the Printer doesn’t fix the issue. This issue arises due to frequent wear and tear on the internal components of the Printer, which occurs as a result of prolonged use of the device.

During the examination into this issue, it was found that printers manufactured by Workforce have an exceptionally high incidence of this fault. It has been discovered that this error can occur with any printer series, even though it is possible.

The Methods for Troubleshooting Error 0x97:

Unplugged The Printer.

Clear any paper jams from your printer before continuing. This remedy may work depending on what created the problem. Disconnect the Printer’s cables after clearing any jams. Ink cartridges, USB cords, and cables are free.

One minute on the Printer’s power button. Everything, including the Epson ink cartridges, should be reconnected and reinserted. To test your printer, hit the “Power” button. Check for recent updates. If the Epson 0x97 issue persists after a few pages, try process 2.

Reset printer

Here’s a similar troubleshooting method. Unplug your printer’s cables. Cool your printer for 5 minutes. One minute on Power. Hold Power while reconnecting cables. Your plan may need outside help.

Hold the Power button until the timer expires, then release. Test the changes with a printout. If Epson wf-7620 error code 0x97 persists, try the final method.

Printhead cleaning

Uncleaned or clogged printheads can also cause Epson 0x97 errors. To fix this, clean your printer’s printhead. How to clean an Epson printer’s printhead:

Step 1: Remove printhead ink cartridges. Store ink cartridges upside down (on top of a clean piece of paper or towel). Carefully remove the printhead.

Step 2: Wipe printhead with warm, lint-free cloth. After removing the black ink from the fabric, clean the nozzle several times.

Step 3: Soak the printhead for 10 minutes. Don’t boil! While cleaning the printhead, rest it on a clean paper towel. Dry the printhead in a lint-free towel.

Remove the printhead after 15 minutes and let it air dry. To replace the printhead and cartridges, just replace the carriage and printhead. Turning on your printer will reveal any updates.

Update the printer driver.

An infection caused by malicious software is another possible cause of Epson wf-7620 error code 0x97. Verify that the anti-malware software on your printer has the most recent update.


Is there still time left on the warranty for your Epson printer? Contact customer service if the situation persists.

If customer care cannot help you with your problem, one alternative available to you is to ask for a replacement. Your Epson printer displays the error number 0x97, which indicates that it is essentially inoperable and leaves you with few options on how to proceed. Epson promises to provide a replacement for your Printer if they cannot fix it. Taking advantage of the protections provided by your warranty ought to be your top concern.

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