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If you are a traveler in Goa, just that little beachfront wandering, lounging at the wooden huts, dancing at Tito’s, and just a few drinks of Feni should suffice. However, a true traveler would not have been pleased with that though. To get a sense of Goa’s pounding heartbeat, dive just that little further and explore for spots that are just not easily accessible to tourists. Continue reading to learn about some unexpected activities to do here in Goa.

Goa’s offbeat Attractions

Although Goa is known for its shanty towns and partying atmosphere, do not even limit yourselves to merely having a good time there.

Visit the Butterfly Conservatory:

Are you unsure what to do during your Goa trip? During your journey back from Goa’s beautiful spice farms, stop by the Butterfly Conservatory to view several of the most cheerful and colorful flapping activities. Not only may you stop and observe, but then you can also serve those lovely creatures luscious berries and witness them happily collecting nectar. Isn’t it really that fascinating? Browse out their webpage for additional details.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

INR 150 entry fee

Ponda, Pisgal, Priol, Goa 403401 is the location.

Take A Long walk Through Spice Plantations:

Looking for anything to do in Goa except go to the shoreline? Spice plantations are among Goa’s greatest unusual tourist attractions. Learn about several peppers as you walk through into the wonderful fresh plantation. Some of the most well-known plantations to explore are Savoi Plantations and Sahakar Spice Plantation. You can interact with the magnificent tuskers in addition to admiring the stunning scenery and going around the plantation, which is one of the biggest attractions to see in Goa. Offer them a shower or even let them shower you with water as you lay on their shoulders.

Visit the Savoi plantations and the Sahakar Spice Farm.

Location: H.No. A-14 , Arla Bazar Keri, Ponda, Kerim, Goa 403401

Try Crab Hunting in the Backwaters of Goa:

Crab hunting is not for the faint of heart! Really would like to avoid getting your fingers dirty? Are you afraid of a small snap? Then it is really not your cup of tea. You may think it was one of Goa’s most bizarre activities, but it was still entertaining. Crab traps are put up in the Goan backwaters which are along the coast using improvised nets known as ‘Kobblem.’ There are a variety of crab fishing trips available in Goa, or maybe you could essentially make a native acquaintance from one of the communities and hop together for an expedition with them. This is definitely one of the must-do activities in Goa, so just do not skip out.

Places to visit:Sonalium

Location: Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trail, Goa

Take A Romantic Sunset Cruise Upon This Mandovi River:

Looking for something to do in the evening in Goa? The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) offers several Mandovi river excursions throughout the day, dusk, and twilight. There seem to be two types of day cruises available: either along the Panaji jetty downstream the Mandovi into the Zuari bay, and the other from the Mandovi up to Aldona as well as natural mineral springs.

Some private sector companies also provide a range of special sunset cruises as well as boat trips, and also crocodile and dolphin sightings.

2 hours in length

INR 300 in fees

Dance With The Dolphins – Sinquerim:

Dolphin watching is amongst the most fascinatingly unusual activities to do here in Goa. Few people are becoming aware of this incredible movement, and it has been frequently overlooked. Typically, cruises depart from Fort Aguada, Sinquerim, as well as Panaji Jetty. If permitted, you may also have a plunge in the ocean and interact with any of these adorable critters, but only if proper safety precautions are taken. Thrilled? This should definitely be on your list of the things to do here in Goa.

Additional activities in Goa include banana rides, paragliding, and jet skiing.

Experience The Shivers In Devil’s Canyon:

Searching for anything to do in Goa except go over to the shoreline? Then Devil’s Canyon is where you should go. According to legend, a devil once ruled this location, commanding all living creatures in the vicinity, including that of the fishes. The place was plagued after a native deceived the devil and took his fishes. Even now, whenever you visit the location, you could sense the odd emotions and strange quietness. Numerous swimmers have died in the violent river that flows through a narrow valley with varied rocky sides. If eerie adventure is your style, this is amongst the most fascinating eccentric sites in Goa.

Caranzol, Goa 403410 is the location.

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