Best High Paying Job for International Students

Basically will need a receptionist my tip will be go to smaller places to like local places because if there is let’s say a chain restaurant it’s going to be so long to do all the like hiring and stuff like that if you go to a small family owned restaurant in little Italy and you say Giovanni i would like to work essay writing services for you and Giovanni will be okay yeah that’s good that’s good you don’t need to be like you know doing all this corporate hiring stuff he’s going to be like okay show me what you can do that’s it so again a receptionist is pretty much the same as a call center agent but with the receptionist job you might need to make reservations for people take reservations maybe even order some you know office stuff again it depends on the place you work at again just go to your local gym to your local restaurant and ask them if they have any receptionist jobs as a receptionist you can get anything from 18 to 20 bucks per hour because if it’s a corporate job yeah it might be like you know 18 20 bucks but if you talk to Giovanni and be like Giovanni I don’t want 20 dollars I would like 21.

Giovanni might be okay with it but i don’t think you should be aiming for like i don’t know 30 bucks per hour because it’s not reasonable but anything up to like 22 bucks is perfectly fine for receptionist job and speaking of restaurants you can always work as a server as a waiter as a hostess those jobs are available all the time everywhere because people always eat no matter if it’s coveted no covet restaurants they’re always hiring yeah maybe not during the coffee times but you know what i mean restaurant jobs will start at around 11 to 12 dollars per hour but you will always make tips unless you work in the kitchen or as a dishwasher but if you work on the floor meaning serving people you will always get tipped don’t forget about that too for this one you might need some experience because if you’re a new server it’s going to take so much time to train you but if you have experience at least you know what’s going on in the kitchen on the floor on a bar so you will not spend like you know weeks just of training.

The next one is for my corporate folks if you would like to build a career try working at big corporate stores for example ikea or canadian tire you can always start as a i don’t know sales associate and then make your way to becoming a manager or something like that so the entry-level jobs will start at around 13 14 again depending on the province but if you become a manager you might make up to like 20 bucks which is a good thing and i know some people who started as salespeople and now they’re managing a whole store i mean that’s a good one especially if you’re studying for like four years you will need a job for four years that’s perfect another way to make money as an international student is to work at hotels hotels have a whole bunch of different jobs from housekeeping to front desks again the salaries would be around 16.

I would say you will need good english for sure you might need some experience because making and taking reservations is for i guess responsible people who are very detail-oriented because if you mess something up people might not have a place to sleep that night or something like that so if you’re good with people if you like talking to people if you are very you know detail oriented then the front desk would be perfect for you also they hire a lot of bilingual trilingual people so if let’s say you speak english and you speak chinese and you speak i don’t know ukrainian that would be even better because there would be tourists coming from different cities and countries staying at hotel so your three languages might be a huge bonus for this position the next job is for tough guys like you know sergey from Russia.

So movers if you are a strong guy you can always move furniture again you can work for a store like ikea they always hire delivery slash movers you can always work for moving companies so basically they come they wrap the whole thing and then they move some companies even move houses literally take the whole house and move it salaries start at 16 17. again it depends on the company it depends on the project because if you move in a three-floor house like i don’t think they’re gonna pay you like 16 it’s gonna be like 20 or 30.

If any of you have worked as a mover let us know what are the salaries because i feel like it’s a minimum wage kind of job but if you move in a lot of stuff or it’s a huge project you might get more than that and a bonus job for lazy people it’s any work on campus starting from starbucks cafeteria library tutoring like anything that is on campus you will be literally studying and working in the same place so if you study from I don’t know nine till three you can work four to six four to seven like this is perfect and if you live in a residence or next to your college or university you don’t need to move at all and here’s my pro tip for finding a job right away start with seasonal positions and then they will offer you a part-time job a full-time job or will just prolong your contract because there are always ads for black Friday black Friday is a mess everywhere in UK.

In the us stores are hiring extra people because they cannot handle the amount of sales going on mother’s day valentine’s day Christmas easter easter maybe not that much but like christmas and black friday you will get a job right away also for any flowery holiday like mother’s day or valentine’s day i would literally walk in montreal there would be huge signs on the window saying we are hurrying please come help us because people buy a lot of stuff during the holidays so stores will need extra help so keep that in mind if you come in let’s say in september they will be hiring for black friday and christmas so that’s your moment when you need to go and apply and be like hey i would like to work for let’s say black friday and then be like oh i want to work for christmas and then for easter and then you get the idea okay and this is it for today i hope the video was helpful as usual you can support me by giving the thumbs up sharing this video with your friends and i’ll see you very soon bye.

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