9 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Moisture Analyzer

A Moisture Analyzer is something that every homeowner and small Business man will need to buy at some point. But how do you know which one to choose? There are many different types of moisture analysers available, each with its own pros and cons, and finding the best one can be tricky when you don’t know what to look out for. If you’re thinking about buying one.

Moisture Analyser

Here are 9 things you need to consider before making your purchase decision.

  1. What are the most important features?

It’s important that you choose a moisture analyser with all of your needs in mind. You should always consider which features are most important to you before looking at any products. For example, if weight is an issue for you, then you should look for something lightweight, like moisture analysers. On top of that, if price is what matters most to you in your purchase decision, then look at our competitive pricing! If it’s better customer service that interests you most when buying our product, we have got your back there too.

2. How many years experience does the manufacturer have?

The longer a company has been producing products, the more likely it is that they are an industry leader. If you’re unsure about how long a manufacturer has been in business, look at their prices and compare them with similar brands. The cost of a product can be helpful in gauging its quality because better products usually cost more money. A higher price may indicate superior craftsmanship or innovative technology; however, it might also be simply due to mark-ups for popularity. Make sure you do your research before coming to any conclusions about pricing differences.

3. Will the device fit into your workflow?

If you’re buying a moisture analyser, chances are you have specific workflow needs that need to be met. The most important thing to ask yourself is whether or not Essae’s moisture analyser will fit seamlessly into your workflow without adding any unnecessary steps. If there are changes in your routine, take some time and adjust; it might take some time before you’re back on track but it’s better than forcing something that doesn’t work for you or for anyone else in your organization.

4. Is maintenance required?

Buying any piece of equipment is an investment, so it’s important to keep maintenance costs in mind when shopping. Depending on how often you use your moisture analyser, be sure that you understand any possible maintenance requirements. For example, do you need to calibrate it annually? Is there a warranty period? If it breaks down soon after buying it, how expensive will repairs be? With many pieces of equipment and supplies, purchasing something new might be less expensive than fixing an older model! However with moisture analysis monitors like moisture analysers , they are generally very reliable and don’t need annual calibration as long as they are used on site regularly or used for ‘point-in-time’ checks then we would suggest each is calibrated annually. It provides an accurate Measurement & Determination of Moisture content is extremely critical in many such as Paper, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Automotive & Food Industry.

5. Do I need calibration gases?

If you are using moisture analysers, then you do not need calibration gases. We have built our calibration into our analyzers so that as long as your instrument is checked annually with our service department, it should never require any external calibration gases for field work. Our instruments perform regular self-checks and reports on performance. It does not make sense for anyone who uses Essae’s equipment to buy calibration gases from anywhere else other than from us, unless their machine is no longer under warranty and they need it for maintenance purposes only.

6. What type of warranty do I get with this device?

While Essae’s moisture analysers aren’t too expensive, we want you to know that our warranty is pretty darn generous. Each device comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. During that time, if anything happens to your moisture analyser, we’ll fix it for free or replace it (up to our discretion). The icing on top of that cake? We also offer free support – call us whenever you have questions about how to set up your device or use its analysis functions.

  1. Should I consider an older model or is newer always better?

Sometimes older is better. When it comes to moisture analysers, newer models are packed with more technology and features that can be beneficial, but they also come with higher price tags than their predecessors. If you’re not sure if you need all of those extra bells and whistles, you might want to consider purchasing an older model instead; they may be less expensive and still do everything you need. Just make sure that you check for any missing parts or defects before making your purchase. The last thing you want is to buy a machine only to find out later that it needs repairs or replacement parts.

8. What if I have problems with my device once it’s been purchased?

For example, will you need to purchase additional software or other related products? Do you already have these things in place? Even if they aren’t essential, they may be required for your device. This is good information to have on hand prior to making a purchase. As an example, if your moisture analyser needs software that you need to buy, and it isn’t included with your purchase, then you’ll want to know how much that will cost so you can budget accordingly. It’s also important to know what kind of warranty comes with your device. A longer warranty period generally means better customer service, which means you’re more likely to get help when something goes wrong. If you don’t have any questions about warranties before purchasing a moisture analyser, ask someone who works at a local electronics store or contact customer service directly to see what their policy is regarding warranties.

9. Are there any other costs associated with this device?

First of all, you should be aware that there may be ongoing costs associated with running and maintaining your moisture analyser. Not only will you need to keep track of reagents and consumables, but you’ll also have to ensure that your equipment is kept in good working order. If a repair or service is needed, it can quickly become expensive if you don’t buy from an authorised dealer. It is essential therefore that you factor these extra costs into your budget before making a purchase so that there are no surprises further down the line.


Now that you’ve gone through all of these tests, I know it can be tricky deciding which one is right for you. There are a lot of factors to consider when making such an important decision – and that’s without even thinking about price! For example, some of them will require special software or add-ons in order for them to work correctly. Make sure you go over each item on our checklist and really think it through before spending your hard-earned money on something which might not meet your needs. At Essae, we understand how difficult purchasing technology can be. This is why we offer free delivery with no minimum spend!

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