11 Must-Know Child Safety Packaging Options for Your Company

Child safety packaging is a massive concern in the custom packaging industry. Not only are people concerned about their children, but also about their pets. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that your custom package is appealing to customers, but it needs to be child-resistant as well!

This blog post will cover eleven must-know child safety options for your company and how they can benefit you in sales and customer satisfaction. We cannot underestimate the importance of custom packaging. In fact, custom packaging is the way to go for any business that wants to stand out in a crowd and make its products more appealing. Custom cardboard packaging for vape cartridges is one great example of custom packaging done right!

Many products are harmful to children and pets and need safe packaging to protect them from damage. Simply we need a packaging that is a little tricky to open for children. Some of the products that are packed in customized packaging are mentioned below.

  • Custom cardboard packaging for vape cartridges.
  • Vapes need vape cartridge boxes.
  • Custom rigid boxes for cigarettes.
  • Blades and other harmful effects.

Importance of Custom Cardboard Packaging

Custom paneling for shipping containers the best part about custom cardboard packaging is that it’s not only appealing but also child-resistant. There are several options available when choosing the right child safety solution: you can select from different locks and latches or even choose your lock! So, if this sounds like something you’re interested in, then keep reading below as we go over ten must-know child safety packaging options for your company.

Child Safety Packaging Options

There are many creative packaging options available in custom packaging.

Paperboard Slide Boxes

These boxes are built very accurately and custom to order, which is a plus if you’re looking for custom cardboard packaging. The only downside might be that the shipping cost can add up quickly as these boxes are heavy.

Paperboard Slide Boxes with Clasp Locks

Another option would be sliding paperboard boxes with clasp locks on top of them. These have an extra level of security and make it difficult for children to open. It also has easy access for adults when they need to take something out or put something in their custom packages!

Cardboard Shipping Cases

There are options available for those who prefer custom cardboard packaging without locking mechanisms like Cardstock shipping cases. This type of custom box will usually come flat but then assemble quickly once opened so all pieces will stay intact.

Cardboard Cylinder that is Best for Child Safety

Cylinder-shaped child safety lock packaging is perfect for vape pens and cartridges. These custom cardboard packages are made specifically to resist little hands and provide a safe way of transporting your products.

Two Tab Child Resistant Slide Box

A two-tab child-resistant box is used for premium matchbox packaging to resist children from opening it.

Cord Locking Child Resistant Slide Box

A custom cardboard container that is best for your cartridges and other items you want to lock.

Tuck Flap Envelope with Peel Tab Closure

These custom boxes can be used as a child-proofing option in packaging small electronics, candies, or any small products you need to keep away from little hands. These flaps are easy to open but difficult for children to peel back because it requires two hands.

Snap-Top Tuck Insert

Metal Pallet Clip Option (Perforated) This type of custom box will usually come flat but then assemble quickly once opened so all pieces will stay intact. Cardboard Cylinder that is Best for Child.

Slide Boxes for Vape Cartridges

This box is rigid enough to handle jumps and pressure to protect vape cartridges from damage during shipping. Secondly, children cannot open this packaging easily because the custom box is a slide design.

Trapezoid Shaped Boxes

This box is fully customized, so it has custom features like a tamper-proof sealable opening that is also easy to open for adults.

Foil Packaging

This type of custom packaging will provide an extra layer of protection by using aluminum foil in the box and on top to prevent tampering or damage. Disadvantages are limited durability, being expensive, and not being recyclable.

Benefits of Child Safety Packaging

The benefits of child safety packaging vary, but it is typically more expensive than regular cardboard boxes to purchase, so you must be willing and able to invest in them when needed. This custom package type will protect your product from being ruined during shipping, so customers won’t complain about damaged products on arrival. The packages are also sealed airtight with custom tape or strong adhesive that can withstand high temperatures, pressure, and hard falls without breaking open, which protects whatever’s inside too.”

Children are precious for everyone, and we cannot get age-restricted items in their hands, so businesses need to focus on creative child-resistant packaging solutions. When customizing packaging, it’s essential to ensure the custom package can protect your product from being ruined during shipping.

There are many different types of custom packages that businesses choose for their products; cardboard and plastic both work well as long they’re made with high-quality materials, so things don’t get damaged in transit.

Parents want safety first when picking out what type of child-proofing you offer. Still, fortunately, there are a variety of options available to help them rest easy about making purchases online or through custom packaging.”

Different types include: tamper evidence seals, security tethers, and locking systems, all serve one goalkeeping children safe at any cost. In addition, tamper Evident Seals provide an extra layer of protection by not allowing.


With the number of child safety packaging options available today, there should be no excuse for not protecting your customers’ children and following all regulations. We hope this article has clarified what you need to know about how to make sure that your company is compliant with recent changes in rules – but just in case it hasn’t, we’re here for you.

Send us an e-mail if these topics are unclear or feel like they might need more elaboration; we can help answer any questions you have about implementing the correct form of child-resistant packaging so that your products will stay safe from curious hands. You can even order cardboard packaging for vape cartridges to improve sales and safety in your business.

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